Map and Plan

This project is an interactive installation that investigates the relations between individuals and the mass, and the consequences of it in consumer society.

It works through two sentences and titles. The first title is MAP OF ECONOMY with the request of “Please draw your path from your home to the supermarket on the papers below” and the second title is PLAN OF CULTURE with the request of “Please draw your path from your TV to the refrigerator on the papers below”

My intention was to trigger consciousness of being an individual in mass.

By drawing a path, people were forced to rethink their position in accordance to their daily surrounding.

Although you never know how much people will participate in such installations, fortunately the wall was full at the end of the day. I felt that people liked to confess their repressed position in this vicious circle of map and plan.

I don’t know if the maps and plans are cartographically correct but this map&plan was definitely tracing a part of our daily life.

When I was doing the project I asked two 6 years old girl to draw the path from home to supermarket, they replied what is supermarket and when I said Albert Hein (well-known market chain brand in Netherlands), they understood and start drawing.