Dear Earth

Dearearth is a project that started with 1500 stickers showing a polaroid of earth on it. The intention is to stick it on the right edge of the cars driver’s door. It works as a breakable seal and gives no harm to the surface of the car.

The main purpose of the project was not to inform or warn but to see how we react when we need to choose between our habits and morals. The project applied in Barcelona, Prague, Belo Horizonte, Istanbul and Amsterdam.

One of my expectations from the project was collecting the feedback from the mail that I wrote on the stickers, but it seems people react to the project more readily by communicating through blogs which I placed in.

-I'm the most peaceful person in the world but if I find sticker on my car I'll stick you on the street.

-How can you save the world if you have a google mail account? But still a very good idea. I will talk about it.

-Do them magnetic so people can take them and put on the fridge.