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Artvertising is a work that sets itself on the borders between commercial art and critical art, commerce and information, private business and public space.

More than always, the world is ruled by commercial and economical relationships. Culture defines, and most important, defined these days by market dynamics.

"It’s a spectacular work of art on the façade of the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam consisting of more than 300 logos and trademarks of businesses, organisations and people. The façade consists of more than 16,000 tiles [35x29cm], each of which will soon be supplied with its own individual printed plastic plate. The result will be an overwhelming mosaic of colour and information – a project that seeks to push the boundaries between commerce and art, society and the movements of the market, the private sector and public space. The Sandberg Institute is located on the Amsterdam ring road in the Zuidas district, the city’s new economic centre."
*From the site of Artvertising

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